Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cheap gifts

We're sitting around at lunch today, talking about the cheapest gifts we've ever received. The social worker talks about her brother and new sister-in-law giving their mother a cheezy costume jewelry choker, just a little shy of the circumference of her neck. And this, for the mother's seventieth birthday.
When it breaks on the way to the birthday celebration, the sister-in-law is livid. She believes the mother is hiding the necklace because she doesn't like it. When she shows the daughter-in-law the broken necklace, the subject is dropped. No "I'll take that back, and get it fixed for you." And the brother and sister-in-law are rich. Oh well.
But wait; there's more...My other co-worker's Orthodox daughter is getting married, and receive a gift for the bride and the groom. The bride was given a stained burnt velvet shawl with fringes. Not so nice, but not horrific. However, the groom received a pair of forest green sequined boxer shorts from Frederick's of Hollywood.
Can you top that?


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