Saturday, June 25, 2005

Gnomdex 2005 and me

As a geek wannabe, what do Gnomdex's doings have to do with me? It seems as if the big boys are getting on board for RSS and podcasting. Big Boys? Well I mean Microsoft and Apple. In the world of computing they are the BIG BOYS. So, it seems as if getting publicity on such a large scale may possibly be harder than the kind of peace love and happiness that had reigned prior to the dollar signs appearing in the eyes of the business world. Ah well. If I plan to present at the AOTA convention next year, I am going to have to get something going. Publicity is going to have to be directed at the podcast.
Dr. K. spoke to me about the idea of doing something involving me and a nurse at the hospital. He suggested he find an article about mental health with which he disagreed, and we could debate that.
Meanwhile, my hospital is looking for someone to create a web site for them, and I would like to do that, but I'm scared. Stay tuned.


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