Friday, July 08, 2005

My Five Minutes of Fame

My podcast promo was played on Geek News Central today!!! Thanks, Todd Cochrance, the Geek. My bandwidth doesn't seem to have suffered as of yet.
I just cannot get over the kindness of podcasters, and the sense of community that exists between them. So far, the folks from Techpodcasts have been gentle, knowledgeable and helpful beyond all reason.
Better yet, a long lost Font friend from the alt.binaries.fonts group, who lives in London, found me because of the iTunes listing, and e-mailed me. How cool is that?
My artwork still does not accompany my podcast listing, but I will not give up. I have to continue to work on my presentation submission for the OT conference next year. The technology changes with every second, so it's a moving target. I do not think my chances are too substantial, but I am throwing everything at the wall. Thanks Franklin McMahon. Your positive thinking is sublime. Check out his podcast, which is an occupational therapist's dream. He can always be counted upon to talk about the benefit of "doing" and moving forward. Hooray for you Franklin.
Last, I am planning to go to Dave Winer's meet up next Tuesday. Imagine, a geekfest, a chance to learn about OPML from its creator, and it's on the only night I ever have free.


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