Sunday, July 03, 2005

Yesterday Was My Birthday and I Was Naughty

Ahem, I didn't get the Powerbook I was dreaming about, but I did go to the Apple Store, where I put my Home Page and Podcast on all of their computers. The place was packed, but no one seemed to mind me doing it.
My Podcast now appears on iTunes, both as a link, and on the listing of Health Podcasts. I still haven't figured out how to get my image (see below) on the listing. However, every time that I have posted about something here, it has turned around in a short period of time.
After the art work I begin to write up the proposal to talk about this at my next professional conference.
At the risk of becoming the Todd Cochrane fan club president, I must say that I just ordered his new book from Amazon, and will use it as a reference for putting together the presentation. Nothing warms the heart of a proposal reviewer like lots of references. Bye!


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